What are the most effective YouTube marketing strategies?

If you have heard of YouTube, then you should probably know what goes on in there. It is a free online video streaming sites and contains millions of videos uploaded by people from all over the world. Though most people use YouTube to watch videos, business experts and individuals have been using this site extensively to develop their business and expand it by a larger base. If you have a business of your own and want to expand it, you must take the help of YouTube. Therefore YouTube marketing strategies can help you gain attention of possible buyers and customers.

Why choose YouTube?

YouTube is the world’s third most visited site after Facebook and Google. It has grown extensively since it was first released in 2005. This video streaming site is also owned by Google and is the best of its kind. An estimated number of around 92 billion pages are visited in a single month. Therefore, it increases the possibilities of a video uploaded to be seen and watched and commented on by thousands of viewers all over the world.

It is easy to upload a video and the streaming rate is pretty awesome too. The link, clicked on, gets buffered very fast and one can enjoy a video of any length with minimum buffering problems. A typical user, according to a survey carried out by Google, spends an average time of 20 minutes per day watching videos on YouTube.
Video library of this site contains videos of almost any topic you can probably name of. From live concerts to videos from ages of 70s and 80s, one could get every video he/she wishes to watch. Therefore, YouTube marketing strategies have evolved among professionals and business entities to upload and share videos conveying their purposes and business proposals to millions of users. This site can be used to notify all probable customers from any part of the globe about the services and products that your company deals with.

YouTube marketing Strategies:

Here are some of the YouTube marketing strategies that have been used by various entrepreneurs and have been benefitted with positive results.


Partnership with other users is a profitable way to make an impact and get your brand name noticed by people. Do some research and find out those users who have a strong fan base. You can then share your ideas with them and ask them to let you post some about your business. You can also offer them freebies.


If you are planning to upload a video regarding proposals of your business, don’t forget to provide a link of your website at the end of the video. You can also provide the link under the video where users would be able to visit your website just by clicking the link. If you visit a page of a different user, you would be able to notice where the direct link is provided.


Description is important as most users search videos according to their requirements and studying different tags and keywords. So, fill up every detail box when uploading a video on YouTube like title, description, tags and category.

Be unique

YouTube is becoming one of the crowdest sites for network marketing and you have to be unique to stay ahead. Don’t just compile a video with lots of information or business proposals lined in a boring way. Try to put some humour and graphics to make the video attractive and appealing. If you are not an expert at compiling a video, you can take help from a professional.


As a book or movie without a solid story is likely to be a waste of time, your video could share the same fate without a story. Try to compile the video in such a way that a story is conveyed by the pictures and audio. If you are an owner of a music shop or a coffee cafe, try to include small stories of your customers, which would lead to an originality of the video.


This YouTube marketing strategy is one of the strongest strategies. Involving your fans in a conversation is a real good measure. Ask your fans and customers to post small videos on your YouTube page sharing their experiences. Positive feedbacks would boost your energy and allure more customers, while through negative feedbacks; you would be able to learn how to make your products and services more satisfactory to customers.

Be plentiful

The secret to success in marketing over YouTube is by posting as many videos as you can. But, be aware to upload a quality video each time. If you upload one video per week, it would be enough to attract more traffic.


When you are signing up an account in YouTube, don’t forget to provide all the details of your business organisation. This would ensure that if a customer is moved by your video, he can contact you immediately through the phone number that you have provided, or, can visit your office according to the address provided in the account.
Besides making videos, uploading presentations addressing directly to customers can also proof to be a fruitful YouTube marketing strategy. However, you have to keep in mind that your presentation is made in such a way that it keeps the viewers glued to their seats. Try giving priority to entertainment than just advertising. You can get ideas from TV ads that, though speaks of the company, makes the video interesting and appealing in every possible way.

For your simplicity, there are hundreds of videos available on YouTube that demonstrates tutorials of making a professional like videos. These tutorials also teach what should be included in your videos to make it appealing. Always remember to provide all the necessary details when uploading a video as it would act as the link between your video and other users and customers. It is the world’s largest video search engine and with these YouTube marketing strategies, if implemented properly, can provide with an increase in your farm’s fan base as well as customer base.